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How to buy a gun online

Federal law prevents us from shipping a firearm directly to you. Instead, we must ship your firearm purchase to an FFL (Federal Firearm License) dealer in your area. This could be your local gun shop, firing range, pawn shop, or any local business with a current (not expired) FFL license.

During our checkout process we will need you to provide a businesses in your area that has a current FFL license and may be willing to provide transfer services to you. It will be your responsibility to contact the business of your choice and ensure they are willing to provide transfer services to

These steps show you the process for ordering a gun online:

  1. Check your local laws to make sure it is legal for you to purchase the firearm you want.
  2. Purchase your firearm on
  3. Choose the FFL business you would like us to ship your firearm to.
    1. You must contact the FFL business you choose and ensure they have a current FFL license.
    2. You must negotiate a transfer fee with the FFL business you chose. This fee is a fee you pay to the FFL business to transfer the gun into your ownership. Transfer fees are often between $20 and $50 so make sure you agree upon an amount with the FFL business before committing to them for your transfer.
    3. Ask your FFL choice to send a copy of their FFL license. We must have it on file before we can ship your firearm to them. They can email, fax, or mail their FFL license to us.
    4. Contact to ensure we have your FFL dealer's FFL license on file. Once you have confirmed we have your choice's FFL License on file you can rest assured your firearm will ship as soon as possible.
  4. That's it, once your FFL business choice is completed your firearm will ship to your FFL business choice and they will handle transfering it to you.